On 1/1/2014 I suffered a massive brain hemorrhagic stroke. It affected my right side of my body. My right arm is partially paralyzed and I have what is called “Drop-Foot on my right foot.

I had several appearances scheduled across the nation. God was merciful to allow me to survive the event. It has become obvious that He had many more things to teach me, and it has instilled a closer relationship than ever could be imagined.

Preaching His Word was a privilege as I saw Him work His magnificent ways and allowed me to witness knowing I had nothing to do with what was occurring.

Now at 81 years old, typing with one finger on my left hand. I have just released my second book of 290 pages, co-written with “The Prince of Preachers.” 

My dear friends and family our newest book is now available Written for those of us who are enduring life-changing events. It can be read on a Kindle device, computer, I-pad, note book, smart phone or “Alexa” will read it to you at no cost. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KBGGJ4T

My new ministry sees me preaching on a wheel chair as my old friend Steve Romine used to do. It is aimed at disabled folk like me who become over-comers instead of merely survivors.

When properly advertised in local media, we attract people who do not normally attend church and are brought by care-givers.

For pastors who want an ole geezer author to talk with their community's physically afflicted please email me at:

People with PTSD, MS, Strokes and Brain Injury's are especially attracted to our messages