Russell Conwell, an American pastor, and founder of Temple University in Pennsylvania, and the author of "Acres of Diamonds," saw and heard Spurgeon several times.His biography of C. H. Spurgeon sold over 125,000 copies in 4 months following Spurgeon's death. He described the preaching of "The Prince of Preachers," this way; "Mr. Spurgeon, is as I have said, often rude, and affected none by the ways of the schools of oratory. But he speaks as to cause the hearts of those who hear him to rise or sink, to fill many eyes with tears, to pull down the stubborn sinners head, and to send forth to the noblest deeds of self-sacrafice a host of effective workers, who when they first came under the spell of his speech, were cruel to man and rebellious against God. He is a self-directed thunder bolt, whose course to the spectator seems zigzag and erratic, yet who always clefts the rock at the selected mark. Judging by the results, he is one of the greatest orators who has ever lived, not exceeded or reached by Luther, Wesley, Webster or the Apostle Paul." Conwell called Spurgeon "the worlds greatest divine."

Spurgeon's father, James, was a clerk at a local coal mine, and a farmer. At the same time pastored a local Congregationalist Church. At age 12, Charles informed his father that he had no interest in Jesus Christ. One cold, snowy night, Charles, now 15 entered a small Primitive Methodist Church and sat at the very back. Only 12 persons were present and the pastor didn't show  up. So a thin man, a local shoemaker went to the pulpit and read; "Look Unto Me and be Ye Saved, Ye Ends of The Earth. He read it loudly 3 times, then looked directly at Spurgeon and yelled; young man, you don't look very happy, LOOK UNTO HIM AND BE SAVED! Spurgeon wrote in his memoirs' "I had been waiting to do 50 things, but when I heard LOOK, I saw at once the way to salvation, I looked until I could almost have looked my eyes away and in heaven, I will look in my joy unutterable!" In less than a year, he pastored his first church, in Waterbeach, England. The picture at the left is the interior of the church he came to the Lord in. See the arrow, it depicts where he sat.

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When Charles Spurgeon was 10 years old, the well-known evangelist, Richard Knill was staying at his grandfather's home, while ministering in their church. One evening after supper, he took Charles upon his lap, put is hand on the youngsters head and said; "I don't know how it is, but I feel solemn presentiment that his child will preach the gospel to thousands, and God will bless him to many souls. So sure am I of this that when my little man preaches in Rowland Hill's chapel, as he will do some day, I should like him to promise me that he will give out the hymn commencing; God Moves In A Mysterious Way, His Wonder To Perform." Spurgeon later wrote: The prophetic declaration was full-filled when I had the pleasure of preaching THE WORD OF LIFE, in Surrey Chapel to over 25,000 souls and when I preached in Mr. Hill's first pulpit in Wotten-Under-Edge, the hymn was sung in both chapels.