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Charles Haddon Spurgeon   "The Prince of Preachers" - Live!

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                On January 1, 2014, I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage stroke. I believe Jesus has healed me and the daily manifestation is obvious. My wife was told in  a dream that same night that HE had healed me, completely. I will be able to wholly perform Spurgeon in mid 2017. My wife and I thank GOD for sending America Wilson into our lives to be my motivator, coach and caregiver. My wife is my number one caregiver. More info later.


  •     Coming soon: J-Walking© (Walking with Jesus)

    For over two years I have been posting on Facebook vignettes I titled J-Walking©-(Walking with Jesus). In these narratives we walk with the apostles and experience many of the things they experienced and how many times they did not correctly perceive what and why the events were occurring. Several persons have suggested I put these postings in storybook form. Just recently a pastor I greatly admire and an encourager in my life, bluntly said, “you must do it, since you have so many episodes to share,” Problem; I never intended to write with that in mind, and have deleted them after posting. However they are easy to reproduce. If you are on Facebook, search for “J-Walking ©” and read some of the treks with Jesus. I have set a finishing date of October 17, 2017.



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    (From "The Christian Hall of Fame")

        Spurgeon excelled in the use of illustration and anecdotes. He was criticized in his own day for his use of illustrations, but like Jesus, Spurgeon believed in appealing to both eye and ear. He looked on the Gospel as a "gift of God to the imagination." In one particular lecture he said that "a sermon without illustration is like a house without windows."