It is a requirement for each church to utilize this brochure or a product of identical quality. 

We do not require a set fee, however appreciate any free-will offerings. We are self supporting and have substantial expenses. However we depend on Our God to supply all our needs and it is part of our ministry to make this evangelistic vehicle available to most size churches in order to assist in fulfilling "The Great Commission."


We have the following Spurgeon sermons memorized:


1. "His Name Wonderful" : A strong evangelistic message that covers Jesus in The Past, Present, and Future.

    The Lord has drawn many to Himself when this message has been preached.


2. "Supposing Him To Be The Gardener":  A message for each individual in the church and lost souls.

    Spurgeon does not spare a soul in this loving but direct edict. This message is Spurgeon's most requested

    on the internet.


3. "Profit and Loss": This is a sermon that has been utilized by pastors at dinners, luncheons and programs

   outside the church where business people, celebrities, and politicians might not want to be in a church

   atmosphere. In Yakima, WA the pastor there invited all the churches in town to bring guests to a large

   luncheon at a very nice motel. The eyes of the Catholic invitees were wide open as Spurgeon talked about

   and described hell.


4. "The Pastor's Private Prayer": This message is taken verbatim from Spurgeon's books "Lectures to My

    Students." It has been presented before Pastor groups and groups including Pastors, Seminary Students,

    Elders, and Deacons. A Pastor in Oregon commented "Dave, every Pastor in America needs to hear this

    message, it is so encouraging."


5. "The First Witness at The Cross ": This is our newest effort and so beautiful. My wife loves to hear it over

     and over and so will your congregation and their invitees. It speaks of Christ's victory over Satan's plan

     by winning a soul for heaven, when Satan had planned Jesus' disgrace.





"Those preachers whose voices were clear and mighty for truth during life, continue to preach from their graves."   Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Great Vision Ministry has produced a beautiful four page, four color brochure on shiny white stock. We have paid for the brochures and thousands are in stock. Each church only pays to have their information printed on the front page and can order the numbers they feel will adequately saturate their drawing area. The number of brochures are not as important as every member using at least one to invite a person to be their guest at the performance, and then to "Bring A Friend Sunday." The cost to the church is about one fifth of what the entire brochure would cost if ordered and printed individually. The front page of the brochure is depicted on the left side. The actual measurements are 5 1/2 " wide and 8 1/2 " long.